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Retrospect Records Releases 80s U.S. Metal Band ALIAS’ Debut Album

Retrospect Records Releases 80s U.S. Metal Band ALIAS’ Debut Album


Las Vegas, NV, January 14, 2010 – Retrospect Records, one the

largest Hard Rock and Metal re-issue labels on the planet, has announced a licensing agreement to release 80s U.S. metal band


ALIAS’ debut album.


ALIAS’ self-titled debut album, released on August 14, 1987, has been digitally re-mastered and is available for the first time ever on CD. The Sarasota , Florida based band was formed in the early 1980s, released 2 albums and featured vocalist Len Jarrell (Unleashed Power, Surgeon), guitarist Mark Severns (Tyger Tyger, Jeff Austin Project), bassist Dirk Van Tilborg (Attakk, Crimson Glory, Kamelot) and drummer Phil Arnt. The CD is available worldwide at and through various international distributors.


Track Listing:

1. (You Can't) Take My Youth 04:06
2. Authority 03:04
3. Prisoner Of Dreams 03:53
4. Take The Light 04:27
5. Knight Of The Realm 03:38
6. The System 02:35
7. King Of The New Order 03:24
8. Listen To The Rain 02:39
9. So You're A Star 02:57
10. Emerald Eyes 03:12

About Retrospect Records

Founded in 2003, Retrospect Records is a leading Hard Rock and Metal re-issue label. The company has released over 300 albums – many on CD for the first time ever. For additional information, please visit, or .


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